THT Biomaterials GmbH

THT Biomaterials


Who we are

THT Biomaterials GmbH aims to overcome major methodological issues at the bottom of today’s drug development, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research practices leading to false positive or negative results. A new visionary platform technology is under development that will speed up research as it makes its results more realistic by replacing animal components with human components.

Why/How are we going Green

  • All our products (human biomaterials from placenta) are locally produced in Vienna.
  • All our placenta tissue (that would otherwise be discarded, burned and produce CO2), is donated in Vienna.
  • We try to ban all animal-materials from our whole production chains.
  • We try to establish this human platform technology local and substitute questionable non-human materials from oversea vendors (e.g. Matrigel, collagen, laminin, ..).
  • We re-use cool packs and packages from our Lab Cluster.
  • We use a company bike, not a car.
  • We transport the placenta tissue from the birth clinic CO2 neutral to our lab.
THT Biomaterials