Our Mission

Create Awareness
We want scientists to actively think about the resources used for their research
Build a Community
Things are always easier to achieve together, and we want to help you to do this.
Provide Information
We offer useful information to help scientists work more sustainably

We want to connect labs in Austria to reduce our carbon footprint

Global warming represents one of the biggest threats to the well-being of mankind. Paradoxically, while scientific research is instrumental for solving the imminent climate crisis, our activities contribute significantly to anthropogenic climate change.

Green Labs Austria aims to connect laboratories in Austria that share the vision of a more sustainable research. We want to change the status quo of resource management and offer guidelines for a transition to more environmentally aware research practices. We hope to achieve this by collaborating with groups and institutions from various disciplines.

Specifically, we want to reform how labs and scientists think about energy consumption, plastic consumption, recycling and traveling

Stronger together, join us!

Our Team