Strobl Group

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Department of Biomedical Sciences

Who we are

In our group, we investigate signaling networks that regulate the immune response to infections and the pathophysiology of immune-mediated diseases. Our primary focus is to comprehend how the signaling molecules TYK2 and STAT1 govern the cellular response to extracellular stimuli in various immune and non-immune cell types, and how they coordinate the immune system to preserve tissue homeostasis and prevent pathogen infection and/or autoimmunity.

Why/How are we going Green

To effectively combat climate change and mitigate global warming, it is our responsibility to actively embrace sustainable practices, thereby minimizing our environmental footprint. Given the significant ecological impact associated with research work in natural sciences, it is incumbent upon us to embrace sustainable practices, such as reducing energy consumption and utilizing ecofriendly materials, to preserve valuable resources. Through our participation in the Green Labs Austria network, we will strive to reduce waste, while promoting the reuse and recycling of plastic materials. Moreover, we pledge to prioritize the use of sustainable products and to conserve energy and water in our daily operations whenever feasible.

Department of Biomedical Sciences