Stadlbauer Group

Medical University of Graz

Hepatology and Gastroenterology

Who we are

We are a research group focusing on the study of the gut-liver axis. We are interested in understanding factors that influence the gut microbiome in chronic diseases, such as liver disease, diabetes, obesity or dementia. Furthermore, we study the gut barrier, bacterial translocation, inflammation and effects on innate immunity in diseases. We also aim to develop novel therapeutic approached to prevent or treat diseases that are associated with problems of the gut-liver-axis. For this purpose, multi-omics methods, the analysis of "big data" and the connection of clinical research with cell-based basic research are used. Sustainability in health research is an important research goal of our university and our group.

Why/How are we going Green

Sustainable health research is one of the main fields of research of our university. Diversity is the key for a healthy gut microbiome  - a statement that is true for all ecosystems. Therefore we -  as a research group, that aims to improve diversity of the gut microbiome - are concerned about resource utilization in biomedical research that negatively impacts on ecosystems. We aim to improve our ecologic footprint by using glassware instead of single use plasticware wherever possible. We aim to connect to other research groups to learn from each other and collectively improve the ecologic footprint of research laboratories. In addition we also will investigate the impact of microplastic on the human gut microbiome.

Hepatology and Gastroenterology