Sixt Group

IST Austria

Morphodynamics of Immune Cells


Who we are

Our group investigates how cells are able to migrate through tissues using leukocytes as a model. We work at the interface of cell biology, immunology, and biophysics, and aim to identify basic mechanistic principles that are equally important for developmental processes and cancer cells. We focus on (1) how the cell’s internal skeleton generates and transduces the force to change shape, move and interact with other cells, and (2) how cells navigate along guidance cues, specifically the way they orient their polarity axis in response to chemotactic gradients.

Why/How are we going Green

Our work greatly depends on growing and differentiating murine cells in vitro and therefore requires large amounts of sterile plastic material for the cell cultures. We want to reduce our ecological footprint by reducing and recycling our plastic waste, choosing more sustainable products where possible and lowering the energy consumption of the lab.

Sixt Group: Morphodynamics of Immune Cells