Schossleitner Group

Medical University of Vienna

Department of Dermatology

Who we are

We are fascinated by the many functions of endothelial cells that line our blood vessels. They are critical for the maintenance of a barrier between the blood and tissue, for blood flow and tissue homeostasis. The exchange of fluid, molecules and cells between blood and surrounding tissue is tightly controlled. We investigate blood vessels in the skin and search for ways to support vascular function in disease.

Why/How are we going Green

The overuse of resources is expected to result in higher global temperatures, the accumulation of waste products and many other effects that will directly and indirectly impact our health, especially the cardiovascular system.

As a laboratory that uses cell culture techniques for research our work involves a lot of single use plastics. Step by step, we strive to reduce the amount of it where possible and aim to become more sustainable and efficient in the use of our resources.

Department of Dermatology