Satzer Group


Bioprocessing of Advanced Medicines


Who we are

The Research Group Satzer is working on disruptive technologies for the production of advanced biopharmaceuticals and the sustainability of bioprocesses. We work on new process options for production and purification of novel biopharmaceuticals and use 3D printing for fast prototyping of novel unit operations. We combine these novel developments with process modelling on economics and ecological impact to achieve sustainable circular bioprocessing.

Why/How are we going Green

Bioprocesses will be the base for a future circular economy. However, the path toward this objective requires significant resources. To meet our green deal goals for 2030 and 2050, it is imperative for life science research to adopt a more sustainable way to operate. As we aspire to create a sustainable future, it is crucial to make the journey towards that objective as environmentally friendly as possible.

Bioprocessing of Advanced Medicines