Pinhasi Group

University of Vienna

Ancient DNA

Who we are

We are a research group focused on ancient DNA research based in the University of Vienna’s Evolutionary Anthropology department. We work on human samples from the Pleistocene to historical times, and also on non-human samples such as sediments. As well as trying to understand our past through its genetics, we also develop protocols to optimise DNA retrieval from samples and minimise the damage such sampling ensues.

Why/How are we going Green

Successful ancient DNA work is heavily reliant on stringent decontamination procedures, which usually means using sterile disposable consumables whenever possible. Even if, as a result, it may be difficult to reduce our high plastic consumption, we are aware that this leaves a significant footprint behind. We will therefore try to recycle as many of those consumables as possible, and become more aware of what and how much of it we throw out.

Our lab also uses large fridges for sample storage which are currently all at default 4 degrees. We will look into possibilities for storing these samples at slightly higher temperatures to reduce our energy consumption.

Ancient DNA