Ott Group

University of Vienna

Shallow water symbiosis

Who we are

We study symbioses between shallow-water meiofauna organisms and chemoautotrophic sulfur oxidizing bacteria, in particular marine nematodes (Stilbonematinae, Astomonema). We are interested in phylogeny and the co-evolution of symbionts and hosts, morphological adaptations to the symbiosis in the animal hosts and the biogeography of the symbiosis. We use morphological techniques such as conventional light microscopy, CLS microscopy, SEM and TEM and molecular phylogenetic techniques.

Why/How are we going Green

Since field work for the biogeography part of our project would need fuel-intensive air travel, we plan to downscale this side of the project and try to obtain material from collaborating scientists working in marine stations in far away places.

In general, we will reduce and economize the use of chemicals and plastics in our laboratory work.

Shallow water symbiosis group