Maulide Group

University of Vienna

Organic Synthesis

Who we are

We are a diverse and dynamic group passionate about organic chemistry. We focus on a wide range of projects essentially aimed at developing new chemical methodologies and new synthetic pathways to access challenging molecules in an atom-economical manner.

Why/How are we going Green

We strongly believe in taking action on a daily basis to optimize the use of our resources and limit the generation of waste. Reducing the environmental impact of our labs is certainly one of our main priorities. That is why we are currently implementing the following measures:

  • Turning off water-cooling when not needed, while progressively employing waterless condensers (e.g. CondenSyn).
  • Switching to more efficient heating systems than oil baths (sand plate, DrySyn).
  • Using automated purification systems (e.g. Biotage) to save solvents and silica gel.
  • Closing fume hood sashes whenever possible and routinely switching off devices when closing the lab in order to save energy.
  • Using reusable glass syringes (e.g. gastight Hamilton) to save consumables and avoid plastics.
  • Using argon balloons on Schlenk lines to reduce gas consumption.
Organic Synthesis