Malli Group

Medical University Graz

Cell signaling

Who we are

"Our lab focuses on better understanding the complex mutual interrelations between (ion) signaling and the metabolic activity of (cancer and senescent) cells. For this research, we develop and apply genetically encoded fluorescent probes, which allow us to visualize cell signaling and metabolism with high spatial and temporal resolution in response to diverse stimuli and stresses."

Why/How are we going Green

We want to reduce our ecological footprint by

  • reducing plasticware and using glassware whenever possible
  • reusing plasticware as pipette holders and tips, falcon tubes
  • recycling chemicals/reagents and hazardous waste
  • share equipment and chemicals/reagents with other labs
  • consolidate orders and order from the companies that have sought to reduce packaging
  • raise the temperature of our -80°C freezers to -70°C
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