Gugatschka Group

Medical University of Graz

LTTEG – Laryngo-Tracheal Tissue Engineering Graz

Who we are

Our Laryngo -Tracheal Tissue Engineering Graz (LTTEG) group focuses on voice disorders and their underlying molecular mechanisms. The vocal folds are a powerful, yet delicate organ prone to scarring upon injury. Therefore, we use vocal fold-derived cells and engineered tissue in our experiments to mimic different vocal fold pathologies. Our goal is to use this experimental platform to provide new insights into the (patho)physiology of various vocal fold diseases, enabling the development of new therapies.

Why/How are we going Green

Environmental pollution is a trigger of many voice disorders. As a part of the Sustainable Health Research field at our university, we believe that an important part of sustainability is the reduction of our ecological footprint. We do so by reducing and recycling our plastic waste, choosing more sustainable products when possible, ordering in bulk to reduce multiple shipments and lowering the energy consumption of our lab.

LTTEG – Laryngo-Tracheal Tissue Engineering Graz