Griebler Group

University of Vienna

Groundwater Ecology

Who we are

We are studying the biogeochemistry and ecology of inland waters. A special focus is on biodiversity, physiology and adaptation, cycling of carbon and nutrients, as well as on anthropogenic pressures. Our research includes all biological entities from bacteriophages to microorganisms, algae, invertebrates, and fish.

Why/How are we going Green

Plastics in aquatic systems is a big issue of environmental concern. Contamination of surface waters with macro-plastics is a visible phenomenon we already got used to. However, in particular small pieces of plastics enter organisms causing serious stress and may accumulate in the food chain. Even in groundwater nano- and micro-plastics can already be found. We seriously want to contribute to a more careful and sustainable use and re-use of plastics not only in the field but also in our daily work.

Groundwater Ecology