Epstein Group

Medical University of Vienna

MUV Experimental Allergy Laboratory

Who we are

The MUW Experimental Allergy Laboratory focuses on allergic and immune-mediated diseases. Our primary interest is to understand why and how people develop allergic responses to food and inhaled proteins like grass and tree pollen and how they maintain these responses for their lifetime. Our experiments also aim to determine why certain people have more severe diseases than others. Currently, we are a member of a large EC project, "Imptox", studying the effects of micro-and nano-plastics on human health.

Why/How are we going Green

Our typical lab work required a lot of single-use plastic, from petri dishes to tubes to syringes and culture plates. We aim to reduce plastics by using glassware wherever possible and communicating with others to improve our ecological footprint.

MUV Experimental Allergy Laboratory