Competence Unit Bioresources

Austrian Institute of Technology

Scientists at AIT’s Bioresources Unit develop new technologies and tools aimed at increasing the exploitation of plant and microbial resources as well as a more efficient detection of airborne and environmental pathogens.

Who we are

AIT is Austria’s largest non-university research institute with a leading role in innovation. With more than 1400 employees in eight centers, AIT connects research and industry at national and international levels by providing new technologies and tools in response to society’s demands. The Bioresources Unit of the Center for Health & Bioresources explores plant and microbial resources with the aim to develop novel and sustainable solutions for crop production and for improving food quality. Key expertise of the Unit is on plant genetic resources, plant-microbe interactions, application of microorganisms in biocontrol and plant growth promotion as well as bioaerosol analysis and formulation development.

Why/How are we going Green

It is our key ambition to develop sustainable solutions, but also to maintain sustainable practices in our working environment. We have started several initiatives to improve sustainability in the lab such as collecting PP, PE and PET, reducing or enhancing operating temperatures of various instruments including temperature chambers, freezers and deep-freezers. We furthermore switched off unused instruments. More generally, we reduced room temperatures in all offices and labs to 19oC and our staff is asked to switch off lights, instruments, and computers when not in use. We will constantly review our working practices to further improve operating procedures.

Competence Unit Bioresources