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Krajete GmbH


Who we are

At the Krajete GmbH we integrate the unique selectivity property of methanogenic Archaea into novel applications. The overall goal is to employ COas an intermediate to methane as raw material for new value-added applications. To reach that goal we are working not only on the biological methanation process itself but also linked up- and downstream processes, like CO2 capture and gas purification technologies. The entire development is driven by a closed carbon process philosophy.

Why/How are we going Green

We are convinced that “going green” starts in small scale. Not only our technologies should have a positive impact on the environment but also our everyday work. Reducing the impact of our laboratory consumables through proper recycling as well as constantly optimizing the energy consumption in our research facilities in the frame of “green labs Austria” is another great opportunity to bring this philosophy to life.

Krajete GmbH