Zimmer Group

University of Vienna

Neurosciences and Developmental Biology

Who we are

In the Zimmer lab, we are interested in how neural network dynamics in the brain represent sensory information and perform computations to generate decisions and subsequent behaviours. Moreover, we aim to explain fundamental properties of neuronal circuits, for example the need to sleep. These are key problems in neuroscience, each of which have alone challenged worldwide communities of experts for decades. We, however, propose that a holistic approach should be undertaken to understand these functions in their full context. To make this goal achievable, we take advantage of the uniquely experimentally tractable model organism C. elegans, a 1mm long nematode worm that can be found dwelling in soil.

Why/How are we going Green

Having worked for many years in a lab, be it research or diagnostic, the idea of sustainability was a very far idea from the labs daily working schedule. It was always thought, if thought about at all, that sustainability or even just the idea that waste could be recycled, was impossible. It was deemed too complicated, too time consuming and takes up too much space. Since having found the Green Labs and LEAF, it became apparent that these ideas was based on misinformation and a general apathy. The recycling and sustainability of lab waste and equipment is not complicated, takes minimal time and the extra space needed is little.
The amazing team at Green Labs Austria have arranged a smooth system for collection and recycling of waste with little work and time spent by the lab users. The provision of information and labels to enable the integration of a pipeline into a lab has made it simple for me to introduce to the lab members. Space on the bench was a main concern of lab users but this has been found to be a slight increase and nothing that impedes the daily work.
After a few months of usage we are amazed with the simplicity and cannot imagine why all labs have not integrated this into their lab as standard.

We can highly recommend every lab to introduce this hassle-free system into their lab, even the smallest amount makes a difference.

Neurosciences and Developmental Biology