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WasserCluster Lunz - Biologische Station GmbH

WasserCluster Lunz


Who we are

WasserCluster Lunz - Biologische Station GmbH, is a non-profit inter-university research center with focus on basic and applied aquatic ecosystem research. We combine scientific expertise with modern ecological methods and state-of-the-art technology to facilitate innovative research for the conservation and sustainable use of aquatic ecosystems. Primary research topics of our five working groups include areas of global change, aquatic biogeochemistry, biodiversity, aquatic food web research, trophic tracers, aquatic-terrestrial linkages, water resource management and aquatic ecosystem restoration

Why/How are we going Green

Our vision is to contribute to supporting sustainable resource development and ecosystem protection. We are following a six-step cyclic plan for establishing changes towards sustainability that is highly focused on an ongoing internal communicative process. We start with the determination of a focus topic, are formulating our goals and are simultaneously nominating colleagues who will develop ways to implement the changes in our daily procedures. After we have found concrete solutions for achieving our goals, and the representatives of our scientific, administrative and technical staff have agreed collaboratively, then we start with the implementation. We have already successfully made several sustainable changes; like recycling plastic from the labs, managing fridge space efficiently, and saving energy by turning our IT and analytical devices off whenever possible.

WasserCluster Lunz