Rümenapf Group

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Institute for Virology

Who we are

The research group of Till Rümenapf focuses on basic research in virology. We are primarily investigating viruses related to diseases in livestock, particularly in pigs and cattle. Honey bee viruses are also part of the research work of our group. Our aim is to elucidate molecular mechanisms of viruses that cause disease and spread in animals and their populations: in particular, mechanisms of infection, replication, virus morphogenesis and evasion of the immunological barrier.

Why/How are we going Green

In our research work we are dependent on large quantities of sterile plastic material – mostly single-use items. To reduce our carbon footprint, we aim to reduce and recycle our plastic waste using the infrastructure Green Labs offers. Where possible, we also try to select more sustainable products. We are careful with our resources and try to save energy wherever possible, e.g. raising the temperature of our -80°C freezers to -70°C and turning off computers and machines when not in use.

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