Kratky Group

Medical University Graz

Lipid and Energy Metabolism

Who we are

Excessive lipid storage in lipid droplets and lysosomes is central to the pathogenesis of prevalent metabolic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, and atherosclerosis. We are a group of scientists focusing on lipid and energy metabolism in cells and tissues. We are particularly interested in the role of lipid hydrolases in health and disease. The group aims at elucidating the consequences of lipid hydrolase deficiencies on the cellular and organismal level by investigating the regulation of lipid and energy metabolism in macrophages, adipocytes, the liver, and the small intestine. The interest of our laboratory also focuses on the consequences of lipase deficiency with regard to atherosclerosis susceptibility.

Why/How are we going Green

We are conscious of the amount of plastic and consumable energy that is needed to perform our experiments within the laboratory. We strive to reduce our ecological footprint by reducing and recycling our plastic waste, reusing the consumables that can be washed/sterilized, choosing more sustainable products whenever possible, and lowering the energy consumption of the lab.
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