Koneczny Group

Medical University of Vienna

Clinical Institute of Neurology

Who we are

We in the Koneczny laboratory are working in a translational research approach on antineuronal autoantibodies that cause autoimmunity in the central and peripheral nervous system. Of particular interest is to us the study of IgG4 subclass antibodies and their role for disease, e.g. in MuSK myasthenia gravis, anti-IgLON5 disease and LGI1 autoimmune encephalitis.

Why/How are we going Green

We are living at a tipping point for mankind's survival, which greatly depends on how we act and which decisions we take every day in our private and professional lives. As scientists, it is particularly difficult to decide what to do. While at home, it is clear what the best course of action is- using public transport instead of cars, consuming more sustainable products, reduce, reuse and recycle materials wherever possible, and change our diet with more planet friendly, regional, plant-based products to reduce water, CO2 and plastic consumption. However, in the lab, every minute we produce plastic waste. Every experiment means consumption of non-recyclable materials, and mountains of waste are the outcome of a successful day in the lab. Single-use plastic is not a choice that we like to make, but product availability  and university policies reduce our options. We believe that we as a group, but also as a University, need to change. Our group is small, but we hope that together we may be able to contribute to change at our University.

Clinical Institute of Neurology