Competence Unit Molecular Diagnostics

Austrian Institute of Technology

Who we are

AIT is Austria’s largest non-university research institute with a leading role in innovation. With more than 1400 employees in eight centers, AIT connects research and industry at national and international levels by providing new technologies and tools in response to society’s demands. The Competence Unit Molecular Diagnostics within the Center for Health & Bioresources is engaged in key areas focusing on non- and minimally-invasive diagnostics (e.g. liquid biopsy). We are working on discovery and validation of biomarkers, development of companion diagnostics for patient stratification and therapy monitoring, bioinformatics, highly multiplexed assay development and validation, DNA nanotechnologies, development of diagnostic biosensors, systems integration and point of care devices, and human in vitro biological barrier models.

Why/How are we going Green

Although the impact of plastic waste on the environment and our health is enormous, there are currently no alternatives to single-use laboratory plastic products to deliver high-quality scientific results. Nevertheless, we try to make our research as sustainable as possible by introducing recycling processes for high-value plastic waste, such as PP, PE and PET, cold packs or printer cartridges. To save energy, we try to switch off as much as possible of unused equipment, including computers and monitors, at the AIT. To further reduce greenhouse gases, the AIT also recommends that all colleagues use public transport or the bicycle for their daily commute. Even such small changes have a positive impact on reducing pollution and global warming. We hope that our commitment will make a small contribution to ensuring that the world remains a livable place for future generations.

Competence Unit Molecular Diagnostics